Listen to Your Mother! Mother’s always write.


We’re doing Mother’s Day a little differently this year, and you’re all invited.

As a freelance writer and single mother of three, who is guilty of threatening to write about my children without changing their names, I was delighted to discover in the Houston Writers Guild newsletter that Listen To Your Mother was accepting submissions.

It was if the show had been designed just for me, and at the point of my life when I could appreciate it most. With my last child filling out college applications, I had reached the bittersweet end of a stage of my life I would miss terribly. Motherhood is laughter, and tears, and failure, and hope.

The Listen to Your Mother live storytelling show gives us a voice to share these experiences. I cannot imagine a more fitting way to celebrate motherhood than to showcase real stories about real women and the people they love.

Listen to your mother. You might learn something. After all, mother’s always write.


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