About Me


Sometimes life is too ridiculous not to share and other days too ordinary to bear.  If only a merry muse could pop in, wave a magic word wand in the air and transform the everyday into the no way by weaving a thread of truth into a tale worth telling.  A slight exaggeration never hurt anyone, and if it did, laughter is the perfect antidote.

I want reading this blog to be like sharing a bottle of wine with old friends who know the real you, insecurities and all.  Laugh until tears of recognition roll down your face.  Cross your legs tight to keep from embarrassing yourself.  Cry a bit, too.  We all experience the same trials and joys, whether we choose to or not, so instead of living through them alone, let’s inspire each other to grow on with good humor, courage and love.

We’ve all been there, currently reside there, or are destined by the very nature of life to go there.  Let’s go there together.  This is Tassiewritenow.  I’ve changed names to protect the guilty, but you know who you are.  This is my story.  And yours…


Tell me what you think…           Tkfreeatlast@aol.com



2 thoughts on “About Me

    • Hi Summer. I was glad to meet you, too. I enjoyed your story! I could really relate to your message about the importance of letting go of control so your children can grow. Keep inspiring others with your writing!

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